Chapter 4 – Saved by Lisa!

I don’t usually get in much writing time on Fridays. Fridays usually involve beer and quality time with the Lovely Leann but today worked out so that I got in a good hour before all the fun started.

Overall, Chapter 4 was in good shape. Like 1-3 it needed some editing love but most of the comments I had from The Scribblerati were pretty benign.

Except for one. The change will be easy to implement (and in retrospect it seems so completely obvious!) yet the impact will ripple through the entire story, heightening the emotional impact and making the events in Chapter 12 even more shocking.

So thanks to Lisa, who has the vision to see character in ways that I’m still learning.

We all have our own talents and specialties and that’s the great thing about The Scribblerati, we all make each other better writers.

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