Poor, poor, Kaytlyn!

Of all my characters in To Kill the Goddess it’s Kaytlyn who I pick on the most.

I’d love to be kind to my characters, but I can’t. Think back to all the good books you’ve read or movies you’ve seen and there isn’t a single one where the main characters don’t get put through the ringer. Kaytlyn goes through the ringer alright, and Chapter 8 is no exception. Although, in this final revision, I’ve decided to bow to the Scribblerati’s wisdom and let her strut her stuff a little bit. I still kick her ass, but she gets in a couple of good punches before she goes down. It’s a good change.

Also on deck this weekend was Chapter 7. I ripped right through that one. And then there was more on Chapter 4, a partial rewrite in the middle that should alleviate a number of concerns people had with Chapter 7.

All in all a good, productive weekend!

I even did a whole bunch of critiquing on Mark’s Blackheart.

Who’s your daddy?

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