Scribblerati meet up, Chapter 9, and brrrrr!

Winter’s coming. For realz. It’s the latest sub zero temp ever here in Minneapolis. And who says global warming is bunk?

Worked on Chapter 9 yesterday before the Scribblerati meet up and then a bunch tonight. I’d put that bad boy out of its misery but I have to put in a new ending and I’m way too tired to be elegant tonight. So tomorrow. You hear that Chapter 9?

Oh, and everyone’s favorite writing group met last night. We’ve been working our tails off these last few months. It started with me feeding them 1/3 of my book at a time. Now Mark is doing the same. That’s a lot of material for 4 people to get through in 2-3 hours and it really cuts down on our BSing.

There’s usually a LOT of BSing.

But it’s not all bad. All this hard work is turning us into one mean machine. Another couple months of this and we’ll be ready to take on any critique group.

And you know what that means?

Geek fight!

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