Being dangerous

So did you all see my last Scribblerati blog? If not go check it out.


So here’s what being dangerous means.

Chapter 9 is gone. I’m ripping it out.

I did what I said in that blog. I stepped away from the expectation that I could fix the issue and freed my self from the want of a simple fix and it came to me. Just rip the frakker out! It was a slow chapter anyway and there wasn’t anything in it that I couldn’t replace with a few well placed sentences in the following chapters. Turns out that was even easier than my other options.

Very Jedi like, eh?

But wait! There’s more!

I’m also adding a new chapter. Out with 9, in with new #4!

So what brought that on? Concerns with chapter 10, with a big ass fight in 7, and lingering questions regarding my outline for Moon Sister.

The last thing I want is to write a new chapter but this is a good thing. It will mean a few changes in chapter 7 and a substantial tone shift in chapter 10, but again, it’s all good.

So there you have it.

Now I gotta quit blogging and finish my leftover ham and bean soup before the Lovely Leann gets home!

PS Finished edits for Chapter 11 – woot!

2 thoughts on “Being dangerous

  1. Sounds like a kill your darlings kinda thing. But that does take some stones. Good for you. Will be curious to see the new changes.

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