To agent or not to agent? That is the question.

Today I took an online webinar from Writers Digest and Jane Friedman. The class was titled How to Get Your Book Published and in it we covered everything you need to know in two hours. Riiiight. It was however, a really great overview and I highly recommend it to anyone considering publication.

Now, for those of you who are not in the know, I don’t plan on taking the traditional publishing route. Because of that, I knew the class wouldn’t be entirely relevant, yet I took it because I’m about one third done with my latest edit of To Kill the Goddess and I need to figure out what my next steps are. One of the great things about the class was that it spent a good deal of time talking about whether or not you are ready for publication. The conclusion I’ve drawn is the answer to that it depends on whether or not I want to get an agent.

That’s a good question. Do I need an agent?

Well, I know I would really like an agent. It seems to me that for someone who is serious about his or her career, which I am, an agent would be a really good thing to have. I can think of several reasons why that’s true even for someone who’s self-publishing, although that’s a different blog post.

But do I really need an agent? Based on the class, I kind of don’t think so. It went like this: you definitely need an agent if you plan to publish with the big six. I don’t. You might need an agent if you plan to publish with a small press. I probably wouldn’t do that either. Missing from the discussion was the hybrids that are popping up. Places like Entangled Publishing that are digital first. Do I need an agent for them? Based on my own research, I kind of don’t think so.

So I guess the answer is (drum roll) I don’t need an agent.

At least not yet.

But I don’t know – it feels kind of risky. Kinda dangerous.

I guess I should just follow my own advice, man up, and go for it then, right?

Frak. I hope I’m right!

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