Hold the line!

This week hasn’t been the most productive. That nasty cold I’ve been complaining about really slowed me down. I managed to get the edits done on Ch 17 and I finished some critiquing for this Tuesday’s Scribblerati meeting, but that’s about all I got done in the first part of the week.

I started Ch 19 on Thursday, worked on it some last night, and then all in a sudden Ch 19’s POV character, Cassondra, started wanting to go in a different direction. And that stumped me. I thought about it all last night and a bunch this morning and – it was tempting. On the plus side, it would be fun to explore a different path with her and in some ways it would have amped up the conflict in her story line. On the other side, it would be more rework and in the end I’m not sure the time spent would be worth it.

And so (continuing with these odd TV references) I shouted in my best Babylon 5 Captain Sinclair voice: “Hold the line!”

For better or worse, I’m sticking with the original plot.

But we’ll see.

Cassandra hasn’t stopped nagging me about this.

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