First impressions of my brand spankin new Kindle

So I was reading a blog a while back. It was – surprise – related to self publishing and it focused on ebook formatting. One of the things it said, which is completely obvious in retrospect, is that if you are going to be doing that sort of thing the you should have one or more e-readers so that you are familiar with the technology.

Duh, right?

Well I’d never even thought of it before that but it wasn’t long before I was in front of the computer buying a kindle.

And guess who got a new toy in the mail last night?

First impressions:

  • The packaging is super eco-friendly. Everything’s paper recyclable yet still manages to look stylish. I was expecting something landfill ready so that was a nice surprise.
  • It’s super easy to set up. It’s actually on when you get it, with the screen telling you to plug it in. Once you do that it takes you through a quick tour and then through a concise, easy to understand manual. On top of all that, it already knows who you are and is configured to connect to your Amazon account. Your grandma could configure this thing. Seriously.
  • I’m really out of the loop. I used to go to the bookstore a couple of times a month, at least, and I would browse the science fiction/fantasy shelves, looking for new authors and checking them out even if I didn’t buy. But I can’t remember the last time I spent any significant time in the bookstore. (Have I mentioned writing is time-consuming?) So there I was, browsing books on my Kindle, and I hardly recognized anything. It’s so sad, but it’s true.


Leave a comment with yours suggestions for good reads if you haven’t already.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

One thought on “First impressions of my brand spankin new Kindle

  1. The thing I like about Kindle, for me, the man of terrible eyes, is that I can adjust the font and read without my glasses. The lack of page numbers bugs me, but I’m getting over it. It is very easy to buy on the Kindle–which is good and bad. Mostly I like it, but it is taking me a while to get used to. I still gravitate towards all the “real” books in my reading stack first. The thing I hope I don’t do: drop it on the floor when dozing off while reading at bedtime. I have 2 friends who have broken their Kindle’s that way.

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