Is it good enough?

Check out this nugget that Mathew Ingram of GigaOM gave in an interview to Digital Book World:

The crucial principle at work (is) …your real competition isn’t the book or news outlet that is better than you; it’s the one that is good enough for a majority of your audience. …Maybe those vampire books by Amanda Hocking or the detective novels from million-selling author John Locke aren’t as good as yours, but for hundreds of thousands of weekend readers they are probably good enough.

I read that and was like, “Hey, that sounds familiar…”

And then I started thinking about all the new material I’ve been adding to this most recent draft of To Kill the Goddess and I said, “I’ve got to quit futzing around and finish this frakking thing!”

Because while To Kill the Goddess may not be perfect, it is good enough, or at least it will be after this draft and some editing love from a professional editor.

Would I like for somebody to have a leather hardbound copy of To Kill the Goddess on their bookshelf right next to War and Peace? Of course. But what I really want is for someone to buy it, and like it, and recommended to someone else. Not because it’s perfect, but because it was a good read.

So on that note, back to #amwriting.


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