Making Progress

It was a productive weekend. Woot!

My goal was to get through Chapters 26, 27, 30 and 31 and I did that and more. Those 4 chapters didn’t need rewrites like some of the others that have been recently taking so much of my time, but they did need a lot of editing love. I took out over 3000 words, rearranged the order of events, and made a major change to Kaytlyn’s arc – altering some extremely nasty bits that, in retrospect, went further than necessary. Overall I’m pretty happy with the way things shook out.

So what’s left? 8 more chapters that need changes that range from edits to partial rewrites. That puts me more or less on track to finish by the end of April. After that, things should start getting much more exciting around here as my march to self publication will begin in earnest.

I can’t wait!

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