Chapter 29 is EVIL

Yes, you heard it here friends. Chapter 29 is officially demon spawn.

I think Jon put it best when he said in his critique, “Well done. However, it was definitely not as polished…”


So yah, it sucked, and it has been  sucking up my time as well. But it’s done! I have edited out just over 1300 words, knocking it down to by two whole single spaced pages. Good thing too, because I was just about to start looking for a banishment spell.

And in other news, I’ve made two good passes on chapter 34, a brand new chapter that all the other new material made necessary. That leaves me with just one newish chapter to write, along with 5(?) more to edit.

PS my allergies are completely kicking my ass. Sympathy please! 😉

One thought on “Chapter 29 is EVIL

  1. Glad to hear you’re making progress. I’m excited to read the new chapters.

    We missed you tonight, but it was a good meeting. We’re looking at the 14th and 15th for the next one. Claudia didn’t make it either, so we’ll probably still do her stuff. I have one more ready chapter, then I’ll probably take a break for awhile. Do you still want to send something out for next time?

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