Codeine and the Avengers vs X-Men Infinite Comic

So I’m still sick. It’s a sinus infection, or so says the nice guy at the Target Clinic. Now I have antibiotics and – since I had very nearly coughed up a lung – cough suppressant with codeine.

Now, I haven’t had antibiotics in years, and it’s been even longer for codeine. Codeine doesn’t mess around. 10 minutes after taking that and it was like being in that really drunk and floaty place, only without the slurring and embarrassing tendency to talk at everyone about everything as if I were the world’s foremost expert. Not that it’s ever happened to me, of course.

All of this means not a lot has happened on the book. *pout*

But in other news, I downloaded the Marvel Comixology app to our tablet and then I bought the new Avengers vs X-Men Infinite comic. I had seen the press and while it sounded interesting I was skeptical because the Marvel comics people tend say every new thing is the best ever and they usually aren’t.

Take for instance the digital comics they’ve done in the past. They (at least the one I saw) were this weird mix of still print and motion which didn’t work as either a comic or a cartoon. Very meh.

But this Infinite Comic? This is the future of comics. I shit you not. Maybe it was the codeine, but this was powerful. Emotional. It drew me into the story in a manner that print rarely does. I think a big reason was the pacing. You see what they want you to see when they want you to see it. There were other things too, things that are hard to explain here but when you see them you’re like, “Yes! This is how comics are supposed to be!

So cool.

Now where’s that cough syrup?

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