Almost there… Almost there!

I’m almost done.

And, yes, I’ve been here before.

And, yes, just like the Red Squadron leader Garven Dries (thank you, Wookieepedia) my previous efforts have fallen short, impacted on the surface, if you will.

But this time I’ve got a good feeling. Everything feels right. It’s slimmer, trimmer, focused – it’s going to slide down that thermal exhaust port and explode into brilliant awesomeness.

So how close am I? Four chapters, all of which just need some editing. That’s “You’re all clear kid, now let’s blow this thing and go home!” close. And that’s pretty amazing considering how sick I’ve been these last few weeks.

Jedi focus, my friends. Jedi focus.

But now for the big question: is To Kill the Goddess done done? Not quite. There’s still one more quick editing pass and I’m running the new material past the Scribblerati, just to be safe, and then it WILL be done done. Thank the Goddess!


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