The Big Fight & The Big End

So I’m in the middle of a nearly complete rewrite for Chapter 35. I hadn’t intended on that but once I got in I realized that I had to do things differently. So I’m keeping maybe 25% and redoing the rest.

And it’s really hard!

Why? Because it’s the Big Fight! The whole thing is one big roller coaster battle with 5 characters all throwing down at the same time and it’s insane! Truly, I never could have wrote this a couple of years ago – not so that it made sense – but I’m hammering it out and I think it’s going to be awesome.

Cross your fingers!

In other news…

The Avengers is frakking amazing. It’s so funny and so good that I want to marry it! Well, maybe not marry it. Don’t want the Lovely Leann to get jealous. 

Maybe I’ll just spoon it a little.


So all that you just read? I wrote that sometime last week and saved it as a draft and completely forgot about it. LAME.

But in the meantime, I finished it. Not just the fight, but the whole thing. I still have one more editing pass, but I think I’m done.

More about that soon. Like, tomorrow – ish.

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