Book Diet Report Week 6

Weight loss goal: 16,000 words

Words lost: 11,049

Progress towards goal: 69%

Status: Rolling along!

In the last two weeks I’ve completed Chapters 12-16.

Here’s how much I’ve saved:

  • Chapter 12: 838
  • Chapter 13: 245
  • Chapter 14: 845
  • Chapter 15: 349
  • Chapter 16: 530

It may look like I’m in the clear, but I’m not ready to sigh with relief yet. The opportunities for cutting are going to get slimmer as I get closer to the end.

Keep those fingers crossed!


Realizing a dream, one word at a time

Check it out – I updated my blog’s title and tagline today.

Here’s the old version:
Writing and Whatnot
Shawn Enderlin’s Blogtastic Blog of Blogginess

For those of you less learned in these matters, that’s code for, “I don’t have any frakking idea what I want to put here.”

And the new:
Shawn Enderlin’s Writing and Whatnot
Realizing a dream, one word at a time

Better, eh?

It’s taken me a while to realize it, but that’s what this blog is about. It’s about actualizing my dream of becoming a writer.

People always ask, “Is your book done yet?” That’s always bugged me, because what they don’t comprehend how much work it is, and that I’ve never worked harder at any task in my life.

From now on I’m answering, “It will be.”

I’m realizing my dream, and it’s happening one word at a time.

Open your heart

I’ve been cranky lately.

Its a number of things. First world problems mainly, but still, they’ve been weighing on me. Work’s been kinda meh and I’ve been sick more than I haven’t, but really, it’s mostly the book’s fault. I’m still not done!

Enough complaining.

I was driving home the other night, crabbing at the traffic, and thinking that all I wanted was to get home and get to work editing but I knew I needed to do some yoga first. It’s two hours out of my evening, but I’ve been putting it off a lot and that’s not helping things either.

So I got home and pulled up the Yoga Glow website and this class on heart openers jumped out at me. So I did it. And it was awesome. The instructor spoke of making space around your heart, of casting aside those old thoughts that weigh you down and opening up to truth and light and intuition.

That’s good advice, eh? It doesn’t matter if you are talking about work, or relationships, or editing. You have to be open to new ideas but that process of making yourself receptive isn’t always easy. Sometimes the answer your looking for isn’t even new.

Sometimes you just need to rediscover acceptance.

I am where I need to be. The rest will follow, if I open up my heart.

Book Diet Report Week 4

Weight loss goal: 16,000 words

Words lost: 8,242

Status: Holy crap I’m over halfway!

So much for the jungle.

I hit Chapter 9 and breezed through it. Then I turned around and did the same things for Chapters 10 and 11.

So there it is – Part 1 is done! It was 44,100 words long, now it’s 35,858.

And the coolest part? I e-mailed the file to my Kindle and I can read it there.

Soooo coooool!

Book Diet Report Week 3.5

Weight loss goal: 16,000 words

Words lost: ~7,100

Status: bushwhacking

I’m deep into the guts of part 1, and its a though slog. It’s just me, a 40 some thousand word jungle, and a tiny little scalpel excising a word here and a word there. It’s crazy hard but I think I’m getting my legs underneath me and I’m ready for some serious bushwhacking!

A few deets.

Chapter 7 took up about 2/3 of the last 2.5 weeks. I cut 1384 words out of that bloated atrocity. Chapter 8 was better written yet I still yanked out 837 words. Crazy.

Only 3 chapters left in part 1 and then we’ll see what happens. Part 1 was definitely the most bulbous so the jungle might start to thin out after that, making my goal all that more elusive. Stay tuned!