Holy crap! I did it! I have reached my book diet goal of cutting 16,000 words!!!

That means To Kill the Goddess is now under 100,000 words and everything I cut from here on out is just gravy on top of these last two months of effort!

Woo hoo!

I wish I could sit back and relax but there’s still 11 chapters to go.

Here’s the deets:

Weight loss goal: 16,000 words

Words lost: 16,208

Progress towards goal: 100.01%

Status: ZOMG!

In the last week I completed Chapters 25-27.

Here’s how much I’ve saved:

  • Chapter 25: 867
  • Chapter 26: 553
  • Chapter 27: 556

Almost There!

Its been quiet here on the blog, but not in my study. I worked on 8 chapters over these last two weeks. (Pats self on back.) Over half of that output can be attributed to having several vacation days over the 4th, but it also helps that I’m finally getting to the parts where I started learning how to be a decent editor. I’m now 8 weeks into what I hoped was a 6 week effort, but I think I’m on the home stretch and should be done well before the end of August. Where does that leave me on my goal of having TKTG on Amazon by Christmas? I don’t know, but I can tell you I’m not slowing down. This thing will get finished!

Now for some deets:

Weight loss goal: 16,000 words

Words lost: 14,232

Progress towards goal: 89%

Status: Rockin!

In the last two weeks I’ve completed Chapters 17-24.

Here’s how much I’ve saved:

  • Chapter 17: Added 2!
  • Chapter 18: 304
  • Chapter 19: Added 25!
  • Chapter 20: 1045
  • Chapter 21: 395
  • Chapter 22: 658
  • Chapter 23: 306
  • Chapter 24: 502

Hang tight friends, almost there!


I may have mentioned, I’ve been sick a lot lately, and most of it has been from spring allergies- like the worst EVAR!

But now its summer and the sun has baked off whatever it was that was driving me to the doctor and I’m back outside- and it’s glorious. 

God I’ve missed this. Evening light slanting through the trees. A robin’s trill. Dragonflies dancing. Maple leaves dancing in the soft breeze. A glass of earthy syrah. Something hot off the grill. My darling sitting quiet next to me.

Love this.