Terror in Synopsis-ville

It all started with a moment of terror.

There I was, having a pleasant email conversation with a Potential Editor, when I saw the dreaded word: synopsis.

This was one of those writerly tasks I had been avoiding like the plague, and who could blame me? No writer wants to take their 70-100k word baby and beat it down to 1-2 page shell of its former self. The mere thought- shudder!

I had thought that since I wasn’t looking for an agent I wouldn’t need one.

Silly little boy.

In retrospect, I guess I should have anticipated that an editor would want a synopsis for the same reasons an agent would. But I didn’t, and there I was, completely unprepared and panicking.

My first draft? 10 pages. Well, I could whittle that down, right? After all, I’d just cut 15-20k words out of my book. How hard could it be?

Next draft: 7 pages.


So I scrapped it all and came at it from another angle. 4 pages! And now, with just under 3, I’ve sent it away along with chapters 1 & 2 and we’ll see if I pass the interview.

Is my synopsis any good? Will Potential Editor read chapter 1 and toss it all in the trash?

Cross your fingers, folks. The indie publishing boat is pushing off from shore!

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