Making it Happen: I Have an Editor!

Earlier this week I finalized an arrangement with Brett Hardman, Freelance Editor as well as Editor for the Cornerstones Literary Consultancy.

Together, we shall conquer the universe!

Or maybe just one small part of it.


What sealed the deal?

Brett and I hit it off from the start. She was super professional, which I appreciated, and very tolerant of my many newbie questions. The best part? She “gets” my book.

For example:

  • She saw the influence of Marion Zimmer Bradley on my book. Holy crap! No one has ever said that to me before and it’s so true! The Mists of Avalon is, in genealogical terms (and let me beg Ms Bradley’s forgiveness, may she rest in peace), To Kill the Goddess’ not too distant ancestor.
  • Brett immediately honed in on Point of View as being an area I need to strengthen. For those who haven’t read To Kill the Goddess, TKtG is told from the point of view of six different characters. That is, while great in concept, really hard to do. An essential component of my success will be ensuring that my writing draws the reader in and makes them invest in each character.

How did I find Brett?

I found her through the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), which is an amazing resource for Indie Authors. I am also a proud member.

A few other random notes

Brett lives “across the pond.” In Wiltshire, UK. Wiltshire is an awesome name. Even more awesome? Royal Wootton Bassett. I think Frodo has cousins there.

Was I was initially concerned about having an editor 5-6 timezones away? Yes, but it’s been working out well so far. We have a fairly good communication window during the morning, which is mid-late afternoon for her, and while most of our communication will be via email, she is open to using Google + or Skype if we need some face time.

Craziness ensues!

I know how to write, but I don’t know how to do all this other stuff on the publishing end. There’s so much between now and the end of the road, and the cold reality is that the Indie Author doesn’t have many companions to keep him/her company along the way. Thank goodness for ALLi.

There’s only one thing I can say for certain: it’s gonna be an adventure!

2 thoughts on “Making it Happen: I Have an Editor!

  1. Good luck! Can’t wait to see the end result. Have you started looking for cover artists or putting together thoughts on what you’d like the cover to look like?

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