Elevator Pitch

So I met this guy at work. He’s young, like he could probably be my offspring young, but he’s nice. Anyway, a few weeks ago we kind of bonded over a copy of the Hawkeye graphic novel he had on his desk. Fast forward to yesterday (I’m busy, OK?) and we ran into one another in the elevator. We got to talking and I found out he’s a kindred soul – a writer!

Now, when most people find out I’m a writer, and they ask me what I write, and I say, “sci-fi fantasy” they say, “Oh.”

I like this. It’s easy.

But this guy, the writer/geek, says, “Cool! What’s it about?”

This is a terrifying thing to ask a writer.

How do you encapsulate a 90,000+ word novel in ten seconds or less?

It ain’t easy, I can tell you that.

(Tangent: Leann says I should say what I told the nurse when I was under anesthesia, “It’s about faeries and monsters and stuff.”)

But I didn’t, and there I was, stammering like a schoolboy. So embarrassing.

And the moral of this post?

I need to work on my elevator pitch.