Three and a half months

That’s how long it has been since my last post.

I am, apparently, a terrible blogger.

But enough whining. Forward!

So what’s been happening? I’ve been writing and (unfortunately) working my ass off. I don’t know how far along I was when I last wrote, but at this point I’m probably pushing 75% done with this edit. And this isn’t some rinky dink edit where I just go through and write what my editor told me to, this is the most substantial rewrite since I scrapped the whole thing and rewrote it from scratch several years ago.

So bully for me, I’m frakking rocking it!

Expect to see more action around here in the next several months. I still have writing and editing to do, but this train is chugging down the track.

Things are gonna get real.


Head Down

Writing and Whatnot has been quiet for a while. I have, in fact, shattered one of the cardinal rules of blogging: add new content!

Well, we’ll all deal, right?

So what have I been doing? Regrouping and digesting Brett’s (my Editor) comments and recommendations.

First there was despair over how much there was to change. Then there was brief period of “Frak it, I’ll write something else,” followed by, “I’m not giving up on this,” and finally, “How in the hell am I going to make it work?”

Now I’m heads down, writing my ass off.

Character. Point of view. That’s what I’m working on.

And I think I finally figured something out.

A writer, needs to immerse themselves in the moment, not just of the scene, but of the character, and their perception of the reality unfolding around them. The trick is to precisely, and concisely convey that moment with words that evoke both emotion and empathy.

That’s what people mean by show don’t tell.

I think.

Enough blogging. Back to work. Heads down.

Shawn Vs Chaos

My writing life is in chaos.

With To Kill the Goddess done (for now) my daily routine of picking up where I left off is a thing of the past. It was grueling, but at least I always knew what needed to be done next. Now it’s time to move on to new projects, some of which are in better shape than others.

Project #1 is, of course, TKTG, which is currently taking a well deserved nap while waiting for a couple readers to give me the thumbs up/down. After that I’ll tackle the daunting “find the perfect freelance editor task.” Gulp.

Project #2 is Witness It, my TKTG companion novella. I wrote two drafts of WI late last fall and when I picked it up to read it last week I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is. It needs some TLC, but another editing pass should get it ready to share with the Scribblerati.

Project #3 is Moon Sister, the sequel to TKTG. You would think that writing the second book would be easier than the first, which I’m sure it will be, but planning & plotting is another thing altogether. TKTG grew organically, in fits and starts over the course of several years and multiple drafts. I want to be done with Moon Sister inside of two years. That means I’ll need to do a lot of up front planning before putting words to page and I’m learning that process as I go.

So far I’ve bought a bazillion multicolored Post-Its, rearranged my room to free up a wall, and started slapping them up. This is either my best idea ever or a complete waste of time. Time will tell!

In the meantime, I’ll keep doing what I’ve always done – chip away one day at a time. And one Post-It.

It’s done!

To Kill the Goddess is done, like as of an hour ago, and I’m so scattered I can’t even hardly think straight.

I’ve been “done” before, with previous drafts, but this is different. This time I’ve taken her as far as I can without the guidance of a professional editor.

More later. Until then I’ll leave you with the question dancing through my head: what’s next?


Two. That’s how many chapters I have left to edit. One of those is about half done and the other is super short. So my book diet is like a hair’s breadth from done. It’s weird. Exciting. Terrifying.

Don’t know what to think yet, so well go straight to the deets. 

Weight loss goal: 16,000 words

Words lost: 18,435

Progress towards goal: 115%

Status: at a loss for words

In the last week I completed Chapters 32-37.

Here’s how much I’ve saved:

  • Chapter 32: +76
  • Chapter 33: 550
  • Chapter 34: 228
  • Chapter 35: 89
  • Chapter 36: 80
  • Chapter 37: 59

Nearly done

10 weeks and I’m nearly done. The number of words saved is dropping, but I expected that. I’m also well into some of the most difficult/complex chapters. Each one is a roller coaster of action and drama, successes and failures, cats and dogs living – you get the picture.

I have four chapters ready to report, four more half done, and four more lying in wait. Or is it laying in wait? That’s why my next step is to hire an editor.

Here’s the deets:

Weight loss goal: 16,000 words

Words lost: 17,505

Progress towards goal: 109%

Status: sweeeeet

In the last week I completed Chapters 28-31.

Here’s how much I’ve saved:

  • Chapter 28: 179
  • Chapter 29: 362
  • Chapter 30: 495
  • Chapter 31: 261


Holy crap! I did it! I have reached my book diet goal of cutting 16,000 words!!!

That means To Kill the Goddess is now under 100,000 words and everything I cut from here on out is just gravy on top of these last two months of effort!

Woo hoo!

I wish I could sit back and relax but there’s still 11 chapters to go.

Here’s the deets:

Weight loss goal: 16,000 words

Words lost: 16,208

Progress towards goal: 100.01%

Status: ZOMG!

In the last week I completed Chapters 25-27.

Here’s how much I’ve saved:

  • Chapter 25: 867
  • Chapter 26: 553
  • Chapter 27: 556