— Updated December 4, 2012 —

Here’s a quick look at what I’ve written so far.

To Kill the Goddess

A novel – 100K words in length.

To Kill the Goddess is high, dark fantasy seasoned with science fiction, suspense, and just a dash of romance. It is the 9/11-esque story of what happens when a technologically superior society and an ancient, terrible power bend all of their will towards the two-fold goal of conquering the fantastic moon-world of Iea and killing its Goddess.

Status: Self-Publishing / Currently being professionally edited.

Witness It

A novella – 22K words in length

Witness It a tragic tale of loss, suspense, and young love. It is a stand-alone companion to To Kill the Goddess.

Status: Working on the final, pre-editor draft.

Next Steps: Finish revisions and send them off to my editor.

Moon Sister (working title)

A novel – the sequel to To Kill the Goddess

Status: Plotting and outlining


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